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Excavator EO 4112A-1

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Описание товара

This is the only cable excavation equipment (in the fourth the size group), produced in the Russian Federation.


  • In comparison to the greater size group excavators EO – 4112A-1, more maneuverable because has a low ground pressure (less than 0.7 kg / sm2dlya excavator EO-4112A-1 and 0.35 kg / cm2 for the excavator EO-4212 / marsh stroke /) and a higher travel speed (km / h 4.3 );
  • presence of a removable working equipment allows the use of EO – 4112A-1 for various kinds of works: loading and unloading in the transport (including bulk materials), the digging of trenches, pits, cleaning of reservoirs, canals, channels of small rivers;
  • availability of EO -. 4112A-1 (with dragline equipment) light lattice boom length of 15 m and the cable suspension allow you to have a greater range (up to 15.3 m.) And the depth of digging (up to 11 m.) At the same time. When using hydraulic excavator digging depth up to 11 m. Can be achieved only in front of the excavator cab.


  • mounted on the excavator EO-4112A-1 low speed diesel (compared to a high-speed diesel engine) has a higher operating resource;
  • EO – 4112A-1 repairable in the “field” conditions.


  • EO-4112A-1 is easy to operate and maintain, provided easy access to the sites and mechanisms;
  • mechanical drive working equipment and low ground pressure allow the use of an excavator in harsh environments (sand, peat soil at temperatures from – 40 ° to + 55 °). In the above operating conditions, hydraulic excavators, often fail;
  • Monitoring of vital parameters are excavator electronic system.

The areas of application of the excavator EO-4112A-1 are:

  • Industrial
  • Agriculture
  • Road
  • Reclamation ustroitelstvo in the production of all types of excavation work.

Designed to perform excavation in the light and heavy soils of I-IV categories.

The excavator can be equipped with various types of removable equipment and carry out the following activities:

  • Backhoe – loading, digging pits, trenches, channels, etc .;.
  • Straight spade – quarrying, loading soil into trucks and blades;
  • dragline – digging canals, trenches, ground transport and loading into the dump, use it on the reclamation works;
  • Grapple – loading and unloading of bulk materials, digging ditches, wells and others.