Forging and Stamping

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Описание товара

Forging and stamping production “Doneks” LLC carries out the production of forgings of various configurations of all kinds of steels for hot working:

  • stamping hammers with falling parts weighing 1, 3, 5 and 10 tons. This equipment manufactured parts stamped blanks round in plan, with the elongated axis of the workpiece and the curved line connector with a mass of 0.5 to 100 kg.
  • Horizontal forging machine (HCM). This equipment is carried out planting heads of axes and shaft diameters from 30 to 130 mm.
  • Press -100 ton. This equipment is carried out landing head bolts and screws with a diameter of 20 mm to 30 mm, length 180 mm.

The company has its own tool making, equipped with high-precision equipment for the manufacture of forging and trimming dies (copying milling machines, lathes, lathes elektroerrozionnye domestic and imported), which allows you to quickly re-adjustable snap-on output under the order.

Modern equipment installed in the “Doneks” LLC allows subsequent machining and heat treatment of forgings. Thermal separation has electric furnaces for annealing, normalizing, tempering forged billets of carbon and alloy steels.

Currently, “DONEKS” Ltd. accepts orders for manufacturing of the following products:

Billets component “Niva” car
Name drawing number in the catalog
Rear Wheel Hub 2108-3104012
The hub of the front wheel 2121-3103015-70
Tip GA-25604A
Tie Rod End 54-61782
Billets of flanges welded flat steel intended for joining pipes and parts thereof, as well as accession to the pipeline valves
Name drawing number in the catalog
Flange P250.00.1271A
Preparations for the manufacture of components for hydraulic cylinders
Name drawing number in the catalog
head stem GTS63.500.16.601
head stem GTS80.300.223.032
head stem Ts125Sh1000.049
cover back GTS50.200.15.611
cover back GTS80.250.16.602
cover back GC 100.500.111.611
cover back GTS80.300.223.011
Stock 710.1310.-7105
Stock 710.1310.7106
Billets components for repair of railway rolling stock
Name drawing number in the catalog
Suspension P159.101.0
Wedge 401.01.175
Billets components for repair of mining equipment
Name drawing number in the catalog
Fist RN3536.00.000
Coupling half MTS3.
Scraper JV 202V.12.003
Hub SP202.01.052
Crown SP202.01.051
Tooth 26.5801.405
Tooth 41.30.001
Tooth 02.03.001
Tooth 60.05.002