Mobile crane KS-55726 D


Описание товара

Individual characteristics

  • Truck Crane KC-55726D carrying capacity of 27 tons mounted on off-road chassis of KAMAZ-43118 (6 x 6).
  • It is the only model of the 27-tonne mobile cranes with a circular area of work and surpassing its closest analogues on their gruzovysotnym characteristics.
  • Designed for loading and unloading, construction and installation works on the dispersed objects with poor access roads. Indispensable for use in tight spaces, the construction of oil and gas pipelines, mining. Powerful engine chassis, reinforced transfer box, wide variable-pressure tires with centralized air pressure control system in tires provide reliable chassis work in the most difficult and inaccessible places. Relatively compact for its class chassis allows the use of the crane in confined spaces.
  • Three-section telescopic boom length of 9.0 – 22.0 m in the retracted position provides crane compactness and maneuverability when moving, and in the extended – extensive work area and a large height movements of the load during operation.
  • Additional equipment boom lattice jib length of 7.5 m ensures the greatest coverage area and the size of podstrelovogo space. Translation jib from transport to working position and vice versa is done by hand without the use of additional lifting equipment.

General Specifications

Base chassis КамАЗ-43118
Axels 6х6
Motor (model) КАМАЗ 740.31.240/ КАМАЗ-740.662-300
Engine power, kW (hp) 176 (240)/ 221 (300)
Travel speed, km / h 60
Maximum capacity, t 27
Maximum load moment, tm 81
Reach, m 2,5-19,0
The maximum height of rise of the hook, m:
– With 22.0 m main boom 22,6
– With 22.0 m main boom and jib 7.5 m 29,7
Boom length, m 9,0-22,0
Length of jib, m 7,5
Weight load on the hook, which may be telescoping boom sections, that is, 4,4
The speed of lifting and lowering the load, m / min:
– Nominal (with the load weight up to 27.0 m) 8,0
– Increased (with a cargo weighing up to 5.0 tonnes) 16,0
– Maximum (multiplicity of pulley block 1) 40,0
landing speed cargo, not more, m / min 0,1
The speed of the telescoping boom sections, m / min 15
Front overhang angle, degrees 30
Rear overhang angle, degrees 16
rotating part speed, rev / min до 2,0
Operating temperature, degrees. FROM от -40 до +40
Number of boom sections 3
work area, in degrees 360
Dimensions in transport position:
length mm 11100
width mm 2500
height, mm 3740
Total weight of the crane (with jib), m 20,7
The load on the front axle, m 5,7
The load on the rear axle (truck), t 15