The company “DONEKS” Ltd. provides the following services:

Plasma and gas cutting of metal:
manufacture of parts and pieces all geometric shapes of steel sheet;
possible to produce products from our own raw materials as well as materials from the customer;
We carry out the cutting of various metals and materials: carbon and alloy steel, stainless steel, aluminum;
Cold sheet metal cutting on hydraulic guillotine shears;
Cutting of high-quality metal circular saws;
Cold punching (cutting, drawing, bending, forming, and others.);
Bending sheet metal on CNC bending machine;
Bending of flat and long metal on the 3- and 4-roll bending machine;
Bending of pipes (rectangular, square and round) at different angles and radii on the bending machines with CNC;
Processing of steel sheets before welding the edges (chamfering) on kromkorezatelnoy machine;
Semi-automatic and manual welding in the manufacture and repair a variety of metal components and structures.
The range of manufactured components and welded structures:

– Engineering;

– Agricultural machinery;

– Lifting and transport equipment (road and bridge cranes);

– The various tanks (shells and tanks, tanks, hoppers, pipelines);

– Sheet piles;

– Metal structures (trusses, columns, beams, bracing, beams, consoles, ladders, platforms, canopies, roofs, trestle pipelines, fencing systems for industrial and private buildings).

Also, metal structures for hangars, warehouses, car washes, service stations, buildings and navecov for gas stations and many other steel structures for various purposes. Production of metal structures on the basis of drawings of metal construction phase (BM) and the construction of metal exploded (KMD) manufacture any metal construction and industrial use.